Blind Spots (5 of 5)

Continued from previous article.

So if you're in poverty, if you're not hitting your goals, which I consider that to be a form of poverty, if you don't have your income goals, if you are not operating in the blessing, Deuteronomy 8:18 of prosperity, I consider that to be a form of poverty.

Poverty isn't just you don't have any money.

Poverty is you're living below your means as a king and a priest in the kingdom.

So if you're there, then look and look at the Scripture.

Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty.

What kind of work is Solomon talking about here?

He's talking about diligent work.

So we could say diligent work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty.

Whacking the tree down with a hammer is not diligent work and you can't expect that to bring profit.

So you want to download the plan.

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You've got to have a blueprint, a business Model,  that you can work.

The absence of a blueprint is another big reason I see people fail because they are now spinning with uncertainty.

They're not clear.

They don't have clean thinking.

So their work is ineffective.

Because it's not streamlined, they're just like throwing mud up against the wall.

Like blowing up a balloon and then letting it go and spin all over the room.

Whether it's with business ideas or business marketing or profit strategy, they're just throwing stuff up the wall.

Since we are in the midst of such a rapid pace of change, it is more important than ever that you have a blue, a proven, trusted long term blueprint.

Because then you can just put your hands to the plow, you can work smart, you can be diligent, and diligent work brings profit, mere talk leads to poverty.

All right.

So that's a wrap.

Hope you enjoyed this series.

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And hey, life is short, so I got to have a bit of fun with the Mensa thing. If you do have a Mensa level of intelligence, no disrespect.  If you're a brain surgeon, no disrespect, but I'm not one, and I had to learn how to do this stuff without that asset.

And of course, feel free to check out previous articles, and please share this with other Christian entrepreneurs or those who want to be.

Now I want you to listen up and listen well:  if I can do this, so can you.

You've got this.

I'm proud of you for being in the hunt for being a kingdom builder.

Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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