Building Wealth to Building the Kingdom

Building Wealth to Building the Kingdom

There are many benefits to the coaching business model. Not only is it profitable but also very powerful. You can leverage the wealth accumulated to create change in your community and beyond. You can support causes that align with your values and vision. You can become a leader and a strong catalyst for God’s purpose in the world.

Fundamentally, the profit margin in a coaching business surpasses any model that I've looked at, bar none. It's superior profit. It's not uncommon for people once they have the coaching business up and running to accumulate a million dollars or two in cash within a very short period.

Number two, the coaching business is like a franchise. In other words, if you have the support and guidance from the right people, you can put your gift into a business, and package it into a box that is going to operate so you don't have to play a lot of jazz.

You don’t have to reinvite that wheel. It’s pointless when people try to go and discover things that have already been discovered. Why would I want to go dig a hole when there's a hole already dug? To me, that's just a waste of time. When we learn anything new, we aren’t going to start great at it. Spending time focusing on something new, we stink at it and our business will suffer for it. So, you can be efficient by following existing playbooks.

Scaling with the coaching model isn’t very complicated. You can find A-player talent globally. We have people all over the world who work with us in one way or another. There is scalability with marketing platforms, leveraging social media, leveraging AI, leveraging technology, leveraging virtual assistance, and offshore virtual assistance.

Compare that to a brick-and-mortar business. I would never, knowing what I know now would get into that. You could not pay me enough to have a done for you entirely business. Most people don't know there's this whole digital world. It's almost like that movie Swordfish way back in the day where there was this guy who lived in a world that other people don't live in.

Sometimes I wake up and I think, what the hell are people doing driving to work in the morning? I can work from home. That's another big benefit. Why sit in traffic?

Back in the Amway days, they joked about firing your boss. They joked about smashing your alarm clock. All that is available to us. As Christians, we're supposed to be leading. The leading edge. We're supposed to be the champions. Whatever we put our hands to is supposed to prosper. Again, in my book, when you align the kingdom principles, which uncork the kingdom ship inside of the Christian, because we're to be kings and priests, we're royalty.

But what is my favorite thing about this model is that it is built around the person, in my opinion. Absent a person, absent an entrepreneur with the eye of the tiger, the model dies. So, build the model around the person then line up the playbooks and resources, and then you create a cash-generating machine.

Then what we want to do is invest that cash into cashflow-producing assets. That's how we create wealth. Broke people spend their money, rich people save their money, and wealthy people grow their money. So now what we're doing is creating a business using our gifts that creates cash that we can then create generational wealth. And oh, by the way, when we pump the money into the cashflow-producing assets, now we can lower our taxes, we can protect our entities, and it's just insane. I've not seen the same capacity in any other business. There are people that make a million dollars a month profit from this type of business.

And once you have that wealth, you now can place that into the kingdom. For me personally, the driving force of our mission is we want to help a thousand Christian entrepreneurs and coaches generate over $100,000 a month of income. And with the right system, that can be done in about six months or less. I'm not joking. In six months or less, you can be making a 100 grand profit.

Not everybody will do that because not everybody can think clearly and work effectively. But if I helped you make more than a hundred grand, if I helped you make two hundred grand, would you designate fifty thousand dollars a month for a year into politics and to making a difference in the culture and to making a difference in the world? So, a thousand of us altogether, designating a certain percentage of our funds. That's billions. If you do it on a hundred, that's half a billion.

Politics runs on money, period. I did research a couple of years ago and in New York and California, to get a seat in the government, Senate, Congress, it was at the time, a half a billion to 750 thousand. In many of the other states that seat can be acquired for significantly less. So, my vision is let's get a bunch of people free so that we can now start to salt the country for our kids and our kids' kids. And I think that's why we've been put here. Back in the day you know they're not thinking about that sort of thing. They're thinking about their plow horse and in hoe and rows and harvesting corn. Today we must think bigger.

Together, we can make a massive difference. And how cool would it be to have a community of people that can look across the country, see the elections coming up, see pockets that are acquirable, and then just fund them? And ultimately have that influence all over the world? I can't do that alone. How do we figure this out? How can we equip Christians to harvest a lot of money so that we can make the world a better place for our grandkids?