Business In A Box?

When Henry Ford first met Thomas Edison, he had not yet built the first car...
...and he was discouraged and ready to give up.

He had tried and failed a bunch of times and was at the end of his rope.

Ford was introduced as the man "who was building a gasoline car."

Unheard of at the time.

When Edison heard this, he banged his hand on the desk and said, "A car with its own power source! That's it!"

Ford and Edison went on to become great friends.

Ford later credited that first meeting with helping him to keep the faith that he could, in fact, build a car like that.

Sometimes we get discouraged.

That is okay and normal.

What is abnormal is to keep the faith.

To stick with it.

If you have a dream to build a successful, profitable business to generate an additional $5 to $10k /mo, let me tell you today loud and clear, "That's It!!"

And that YOU can do it.

A lot of people have.

Don't give up.


With God, all things are possible.

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Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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