Business: Order And Chaos

Order: routine, efficient

Chaos: random, new, wandering

The way to grow is to try something until you find a “configuration” that works.

Then you go all in with that “configuration”. You optimize it and squeeze it to extract all the juice you can from that.  But at some point, someone will come along and build a new “configuration” that eats your lunch.

Entrepreneurs are rarely able to switch between order and chaos on demand.

The ones that are very orderly, can build things but then they don’t evolve their things and get whacked.

The ones that love chaos, can rarely build things.

The magic lies in being able to switch back and forth when needed.

Take IBM as an example.  

They had so much order that they had procedures for the size of the rug the executive could have in their office and the type of watch they could wear based on their position.  

Not good.

Take Jeff Bezos as an example.  

He was trying to optimize his supply chain and had it dialed in as far as he could go and got it down to three days shipping time and he intentionally invited in chaos to shake things up and hired a team of chemical engineers to review the whole process because he knew he would have to go outside of the industry to get it done.

After the chemical engineers got done, they were able to get it down from three days to three HOURS.

(If you want to know how, they changed from a batch and queue system where one guy picked, another packed, and another shipped to an on-demand system where the employee picked, packed, and carried the box to the truck.  At the time, NO one did this and they thought Bezos was crazy)

But Jeff knows something most don’t which is when trying to go to the next level, you have to shake things up and do things differently.

So I took the month off to basically, totally screw with my diet, my schedule, my activities, my social interaction, slept in a bunch of different beds… so I can start to see the next level and the next paradigm and let me tell you there are some cool things in the hopper.

I even stopped wearing black shirts…

So, if you want to breakthrough and go to the next level, shake things up.  

If you normally wake up early, sleep in late, if you are a meat eater, go vegetarian, if you are a vegetarian, eat meat.  

Switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa, if you have short hair, grow it out or shave it off.  

Shake shake shake.  

By doing this, you’ll force your brain into different patterns of thought and observation…

You'll discover and uncover "strongholds" and crush them.

Today, I make more in a month than most do in a year.

I don't say that to brag on me (I'm not that smart) but God is and He's our daddy.

And He's a big God and a good Daddy.


He's limited by our thinking.

If He won't force Jesus as Lord on anyone, He certainly won't force wealth.

So think big!

Beyond "you and yours".

Think about how you can impact His Kingdom.

The time is now my friend.

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Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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