Finders and my 13 year old daughter’s birthday party--oh my!

We thought it would be easy.

We thought it would be fun.

Ten 12, 13 and 14-year-old girls...what could go wrong..

I’ll spare you all the details but one.

We spent the night at a local hotel because our daughter wanted to have a pre-party with her 5 closest friends and to hang out.

That was Saturday.

The official party was Sunday and the house wasn’t set up yet.

The deal was that we would all come back early and together as a team to knock out the house set up fast and then chill for a bit before the rest of the crew came over around 4pm.

Didn’t go as planned...

The girls all took a beeline for the bathroom to do their hair and makeup and my daughter asked my wife to go get a new tablecloth.

So, I was left with this mess.

So, I called the girls downstairs and explained that we needed to work together as a team to knock this out.

They were all like “Yeah, okay”.

Then my daughter started to put up the decorations and fix up the house and all the girls were just lounging around.

And it dawned on me that none of these girls knew a thing about teamwork and in particular what the heck was in my daughter's head as far as how they could even contribute.

Lesson time mmmwwwhahaha.

Hey daughter, I said.  Why don’t you identify a task, like the one you’re doing and then have one of your friends knock it out.

So she did.  Now two girls were working (daughter + 1).

Hey daughter, I said.  Why don’t you take that thing you're doing and have another friend do that and then why don’t you find the next thing to do and then have a friend do that until all your friends are doing something.

But Daddy, what will I do?

Babe, then you support your friends and help them do their job better.

Got it.

6 girls working, got the thing knocked out in 20 mins flat.. Then they ran upstairs and got to hair and nails.

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Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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