Pesto, Wealth and Video Games...

My family and I had a fun adventure this past Saturday.

We went to a local mall we hadn't visited in a while.

Between my wife, my 14-year-old, my 11-year-old and my five-year-old, it's sometimes hard to figure out something we'll all enjoy…

But a mall does the trick.

I sat in a massage chair while my daughter and wife went into a clothing store for an insanely long period of time.

Then we came to the video game store.

It just so happened that they had a once-a-quarter promotion.  Everything was 50% off.

So we asked them about which system was the best.  Which games would be appropriate?  How much would it cost?

Did they have a return policy?

It was around $300 or so, and I almost just pulled the trigger.



But the holy Coach reminded me of what I told my wife on the way to the mall.

Went something like this "Hey babe, I'd like us to do a better job of delaying gratification…

Hold on, let me back up a sec.

We have a garage filled with crap, I mean stuff.

It is super annoying to me.

My wife's love language is giving, so it's next to impossible for her to part with a gift because she sees that in terms of relationship and not a "thing."

On top of that, she is always giving gifts, so we have a lot of "gifts" in the garage.

It's one of the things I love about my wife.

I'll pick on myself.

When I see something I "want" or "need," I typically operate with decisiveness and just get it after praying.

So there are a lot of my "good decisions" in our garage too.

Back to the convo with my wife: "Hey babe, I'd like us to do a better job of delaying gratification…  what if before we bought anything we waited one or two days, just to make sure we're good stewards."

And before she could respond, I added.

"Obviously, you can do what you want with your money."

I had to add that.

I didn't want to sleep on the couch.

We have a family budget, and one line item is discretionary spending, cash, each of us gets each month.

She was okay with the idea.

So here we were almost ready to drop $300 on this system.

The holy Coach was like, "um... Didn't we just talk about this?"

Oops, yes, we did.

Okay, family, let's hold on to this for a minute, and we can pray about it and talk about it at lunch.

So we went to lunch, and I asked everyone for their thoughts.

How will we protect ourselves against going overboard?

When would we use this system?

What if someone violates our agreement?

And I logged all the responses.

Then I shared that my main concern was my personal focus and that I didn't want that as a distraction.

We figured that if we unplugged the system and kept in one of our vehicles, there would be enough barriers to solve it.

Then the holy Coach reminded me of what one of my coaches said to me once.

He said that focus is key.

But most people try to squeeze out more focus, and they try to apply willpower to generate more focus.

He said that he did the opposite.

He just focused on removing distractions and the automatic by-product of that was increased focus.

He said he didn't golf or have too many hobbies or a lot of extra stuff.

When he first became wealthy, he had a Ferrari, a boat, and a lot of extra crap.

The Ferrari stole focus because he had to maintain it, the same with the boat.

So he got rid of all of that.

He had a small circle around him and his priorities.

He didn't cook.

He hired a chef to prepare all their meals, so it was one less thing he or his wife had to focus on.

This was the statement the Holy Coach brought to my mind.

"I can focus on making pesto, or I can focus on building the kingdom."


So I told my family.

These are all great ideas, let's go ahead and pray about this over the next week.

After a lot of "ughs" and "daaaads" and an ice cream bribe, we were good to go.

So tomorrow is Thursday.

Wish me luck.

Do you feel drawn to be the head and not the tail of your finances?
To be your own boss?
To be able to focus on kingdom building and not making "pesto" with your job?

If you do, then let's chat.

Check it out here:

I hope it helps!


PS: God is a big God.

He gives us above and beyond what we can ask or think.

We must ask big.

We must think big.

And if we don't, it's not His fault if we live limited.

Work hard, pray harder, and never ever ever ever quit.

You've got this!

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