Wisdom From Subtraction

We know more about "what is wrong" than "what is right".

Let's class knowledge into two categories:

  1. Negative knowledge (what is wrong, what does not work)
  2. Positive knowledge (what is right, what works)

Negative knowledge is more obvious to error than positive knowledge.

Therefore — knowledge grows by subtraction much more than by addition.

Wisdom is the art of subtraction. And that's why we all learn more from our failures than from our successes (because we know what not to do).

Many entrepreneurs are in such a hurry to add "another thing" to their to-do lists, or stack of software they use or "must have" training.

They behave as if the more things they do (addition), the wiser they will be and the greater the reward they will receive.

This is lunacy. These people are chasing the shiny object dragon.

I know this well because I used to be one of these crazy people.

Then I started following a completely inverse philosophy:

More with LESS.

I stopped watching the news, stopped using social media (except to post things, because unfortunately, that's still where the masses reside), stopped adding things to my business, and started using fewer channels (no podcasting, no live-streaming, no DM's), the list goes on and on...

And guess what?

It worked.

Really well.

Spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, financially, biologically — better.

In 2020 it's a cardinal sin to tell another human:

"Do less, get rid of it".

That's what I'm telling you to do.

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Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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