Your Decisiveness Quotient = Your Income!!

Today, we're going to talk about a few things.

The first is decisiveness.

This is something that I've been working on recently.

It's something that I've been coaching my kids on, and the reality is that wealthy people make decisions fast and change decisions, slow.

Average people make decisions slow and change decisions fast.

Okay, so I want you to think about your business or your attempts at business.

And I want you to think, How strong is your decisiveness factor?

Do you build half bridges?

Alright, so I want you to imagine you've got a whiteboard in front of you.

Draw a line from the top to the bottom along the left, draw a line from the top to the bottom along the right, make them about three feet apart.

These are vertical from the top to the bottom.

It looks like the two sides of an H

|          |

Next, I want you to draw a line from the left side of the H halfway to the right side of the H.

Call this line A.

|----     |

Underneath that A line, draw another horizontal line 75% of the way from the left, vertical line to the right vertical line.  

Call this line B.

|-------   |

Next the C line.  Draw a little horizontal line 25% of the way and then D underneath that, draw a line 95% of the way horizontally from your left vertical line to your right vertical line.

|----        |     A

|------     |     B

|--           |     C

|--------  |     D

Those are called half built bridges.

And we see this all the time.

We are inundated today with more ideas and concepts and secrets and plans and strategies and blueprints and business ideas and business models and chatter and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook and email in advertising and retargeting on our TVs on our devices.

And it is not. Let me just tell you, once and for all, there is no secret.

There are biblical principles of prosperity.

The word teaches a complete bridge.

This ONE thing I do.

Be not double-minded.

Those who work, prosper.

And many others.

Kingdom = Done.

100% bridges.

Did Jesus do a single thing halfway?

Or do you see Him as a finisher?

A doer of the word.

A "doner" of the word.

|----------|     Kingdom bridge.



And they're not rocket science. And they don't change and they're not disposable, and they're not constantly adjusting.

And so do you build halfway bridges because that's a sign of indecision, lack of decisiveness?

Either you have an absence of decisiveness or you have a presence of decisiveness.

I'd rather see you make a decision.

Put your hand on the plow, don't look back, and work hard.

Then I would see you change from Point A to Point A to Point B to point C to point D, and you got this little bridge, you got this thing, halfway built, 75 95% of the way 25% of the way, all that effort, all the emotion, all the anticipation, then get off the emotional roller-coaster with your business.

Pick a business model that matches your skills, your God-given talents, your interests, and stuff you're good at with a market you love. It solves a big problem and makes sure that it's trending up.

The Finders business is a good one.

That's it.

If you do that you'll have a business that you love, that grows, that thrives, that's healthy.

If you don't do that, you won't.

So be decisive.

Wealthy people make decisions fast.

Boom. Done. Next.

And they change them sloooow.

Average people, broke people make decisions slow and they change them fast.

They're indecisive.

In the book of James: A double-minded man is unstable in ALL he does. Let that man not think he'll get anything from the Lord.

He's unstable.

He's like a wave tossed about by the seas.

You don't want to be that man.

I used to be that person.

It stunk.

Now I'm not.

It's better.

A lot better.

Your family doesn't want you to be that man, your wife, your kids. Right?

And thank God we have the Holy coach that can come alongside of us and help us make these decisions.

But guess what?

The Bible also says that as long as we're operating in faith, we're covered.

So what I do sometimes when I'm making a decision is I get a whiteboard, a big whiteboard in my office, my home office, and I'll clear it.

If I got a bunch of stuff, I'll take a picture and then I'll just erase the board and I'll list out my options.

Each decision boils down to options, right?

Option A or Option B, option C.

Now, let me back up a minute. And before you can make a decision, you have to identify the goal. That has to be first and foremost. Because you don't know.

You don't know where you're going. Right? So you've got to like the first order of business is you've got to identify the goal, you've got to know the goal.

And that could be anything that could be I don't care, there's a billion ways to set goals.

It doesn't matter.

Just cast your vision on a tablet.

It could be made, $5k a month or $20k.

Don't get all hung up in the granular detail of proper goal setting.

Just download what God's goal is for you for this season.

For the next week, the next month, the next quarter, just boom, download the goal.

Let's talk about a goal. Let's say the goal is income. Let's say that the goal is I don't know make 10 grand a month profit from your business, okay, maybe it's 100k. Maybe it's 400 grand a month, I don't know.

But pick a number. For this example. Maybe it's your marriage, maybe it's your parenting, maybe it's your health. But for this example, just pick a financial goal. I want to make 10 grand per month, I want to build my business to create 10 grand per month of profit within the next 60 days.

Totally doable. Okay. Now, once you have that, that's your target.

And then each action, each option, each decision, you need to compare that with your goal and you say, will this action move me toward my goal?

Will this decision move me away from my goal?

Because each decision represents an action right?

So they're kind of interchangeable.

Will this action or decision move me towards my goal, away from my goal, or will there be no change?

So ask if I take this action does this move me toward my goal?

Yes or No?


It's like a pixel.

If you are familiar with Facebook, there's pixel.  If you're familiar with any online advertising, they use a pixel.

That's how they can "follow" you around the internet.

A pixel is a targeting and optimization algorithm.

And the better you target and narrow your focus, the better results you get.

So you need to think in terms of goal.

That's the first order of business.

So back to the whiteboard.

So I sit there, I clear the deck, and I'll write the thing on the whiteboard, my goal, my objective, my target, and then I'll start to list my options.

And again, I'm praying as I'm doing this.

Sometimes I'm praying in the Spirit.

Sometimes I'll confess scriptures, I've got my scripture punch list, a couple dozen of them on there.

Maybe I'll read Scriptures for 5 to 10 minutes, then I'll pray in the Spirit.

Sometimes I just listen.

I'll list my options.

And then I leave space between option A and option B, option C, so that I can just take my eyes and I can look at you Option A kind of independently.

If you put them too close together, it's hard to look at all of them at once.  You want to look at one at a time.

And then I just in my spirit, I sense the presence or the absence of peace.

And then I go to the next one. And then I go to the next one, and then I go to the next one because the Bible tells us that he leads us through peace, right, let peace act as umpire or governor of our heart.

So once I've got peace or the lack of not peace, you have to compare, if you just have one option or one decision, it's hard to do this, but if you have two or three, you don't want to have 15.

Put your top two three or four. And then I promise you, if you do this prayerfully you will have the presence or absence of peace for one of those options and then decide, commit that decision to the Lord. Because the Bible says that as well.

As long as we're operating in faith we're covered. Right?

He would rather have us operate in faith, even if it's the wrong decision.

If we believe that it was the right decision, you're golden, my friend, seriously. So be decisive. Learn how to operate with the Holy Spirit's go coaching, in your decisiveness, and then your decision making I promise you, it'll be awesome.

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Have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Paul "your number one fan" Bocco

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